This Is the Place

by Crow Quilled Confessions

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An old-ish song that I finally got around to recording and will most likely appear on an upcoming EP/album/something.

Now and then you meet someone who just changes you irreversibly. Eventually they go on their way for whatever reason, and you're left with dozens of memories and mixed feelings tied to the places you used to go. (This is especially a problem if you've lived in one town your whole life.) This is a song about those memories and feelings, which aren't necessarily the most gripping or romantic, but they're real and they stick with me. I suppose it's also about that part of growing up which is accepting the demise of young love, and the inevitable passing of even the things of which you were most certain. Watching it all burst apart, loss and despair, but also a sort of awe to know anything could mean that much in the first place.


And this is the place where we sat together
one morning last spring
you wrote our names on the wall
you were half joking

and we talked about the crazy people
that we used to know
and we laughed at something or nothing
and I loved to see you glow

and this is the place where we walked in the dark
and you apologized
for something you said that had made me worry
and we kissed under the lights

and this is the place where I held you
on the night your grandmother died
you wept in my arms
we were so young and terrified

and this is the place where I first knew
I couldn't go back
dizzy in the warmth of your voice
you were everything I lack

and this is the place where I will lay
and watch the life we built disintegrate
so here's to lethal truth
and fucked up youth
and learning how to say
"we failed and that's okay"


released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Crow Quilled Confessions Phoenix, Arizona

The sad-a-delic sounds of Daniel Holideigh.

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